Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More going on here than what it looks like...

I know that it looks like I am back to ignoring this blog and not writing at all, but it isn't true. Vacation has thrown me for a loop, to start with, which is putting everything a bit behind, but I am also thinking about moving this blog to wordpress. This is mainly motivated by my desire to be able to put multiple posts on various pages, rather than setting up each page as a static post. So, I am doing some brainstorming, making big diagrams of topics in circles with lines drawn to other topics in circles (or perhaps boxes), which I think would make more sense if I used different color ink for different things, and maybe got a giant poster board. At any rate, when it is all done, I should have a better idea what I want to do here anyway, and hopefully it will all look cool and on purpose rather than just a group of lists to keep me on the straight and narrow, plus reminders for things I might want to look back on someday. Not that that those are bad things (and they certainly won't be going away entirely); I just want a better organizing idea. So, for now, when I work on this, I am over drawing dubious diagrams and trying to come up with a cool name (and utterly failing to even come up with a bad idea so far!), and not having many good post ideas. Anyone with cool names that encompass all of my interests (feminism, food, gardening, family, friends, books--particularly scifi and mysteries, writing, pop culture, and probably a few more...), just let me know!

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